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Mr. Jagat Lama's Story

Mr. Jagat Lama's father,-Mr. Sukuman, slipped from a hill and was living with a serious, untreated chest injury. The injury was untreated because the nearest medical facility was a 9-hour walk that required patients to be carried by human recourse. Jagat, who was employed as a trekking worker in Katmandu, went to see his father at his village three weeks after the injury. Jagat tried to take his father to the hospital, but it was too late. His father died and he cried a lot. During the last minutes of his father's life, his father said to him, "Jagat, you try to be good man and try to help such remote people for medical treatment. Let them not die like me. Jagat made a promise to himself to do something to improve the conditions for the people of his village in the future. He realized that perhaps he could have saved his father if there was a hospital for treatment in the nearby area. With this, a dream was born for Jagat to do something for his village, and he established this non-profit organization. HEN is a step toward helping him to materialize his father's dream.

Mr. N.D. Lama's Story

Similarly, Mr. N.D. Lama, a very talented student from a remote village of the Kavre district, was struggling to find a ways to fund his higher studies. Since he was from a marginally-poor community, neither his father nor his elder brother could afford to finance his higher education. He had a dream to become a medical doctor and help the poor communities. His struggles began the day he came to the city for higher studies and found great difficulty in just arranging for lodging and food for himself. At the time, he did not have a single-rupee to buy study materials. After wasting two precious years, he decided to drop his studies and was planning to become a trekking porter to earn money for his higher studies. Luckily, he was saved by TCS Colombo Plan Scholarship of the Indian Government in 1994 and was able to continue his studies.

Now this aspiring medical-doctor is a mechanical engineer and owns an auto-ancillary unit in partnership in India. He now advocates that moderate village folks can achieve their dreams and provides inspiration and support for aspiring students. He knows the problems that students from remote villages of Nepal encounter and the bottlenecks that hold back the untapped talents of the country. He believes that if we can provide a little help to aspiring, poor students, they will succeed and will contribute to building a great nation. However, without assistance, most of these talents will never be realized. This is why, Mr. N.D. Lama is passionately involved with this non-profit organization – Health and Education for Nepal (HEN) – and requests your generous contributions to this genuine and worthy cause.

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